iBase 7 System Manager's Guide

Introduction and Scope


This guide has three sections, broadly for:

  • General users who don't have permissions to upload or edit. (Section 3)
  • Users who have upload and edit permissions. (Sections 3 and 4)
  • System managers who are able to configure most aspects of the system. (Sections 3, 4 and 5)

If anything mentioned in this guide can't be seen on your iBase screen it will either be because the role you are logged-in with doesn't have permission for it, or that your configuration has deliberately excluded it.


This guide refers to the current version of iBase, details for earlier versions might vary. For custom configuration refer to the documentation available on your iBase Administration page.

Suggestions for improvements

We want these guides to be as useful as possible. If you have any suggestions to make about it e.g. clarifications, additional topics, etc then please let us know at support@ibase.com. Thank you.

Definitions of Terms Used in iBase

Item Page

The page on which an asset is displayed together with all of its associated metadata.


Folders in iBase are very similar in concept to the folders used on a PC or Mac, they can contain files or more folders in a hierarchical arrangement.


Collections in iBase are a way of grouping together digital assets that are related in some way, for example they might be grouped together for an exhibition or marketing campaign, etc.


As well as data in 'conventional' fields, iBase can accommodate a hierarchy of subject keywords. Within the software these are referred to just as 'Subjects' but the dual term is often used because many users are familiar with hierarchies or thesauri of 'keywords' in other professional contexts.

The subject terms are organised in a hierarchy that is most clearly seen from the Subject Search page on the navigation bar.

A subject can be a 'parent' in which case it shows a folder icon and plus symbol ‐ clicking on this will reveal its child subjects.

Terms with no children show a text page symbol.

There is no limit to the number of levels within the hierarchy.


A folder from which iBase will automatically upload any items placed in it.