For General Users

Selecting items

In a thumb gallery items can be selected by

  • Clicking the box at the top left corner of a thumb.
  • Clicking Select All on the menu. This selects only the items on the current page in view, it doesn’t include items from other pages that might have been returned by the search.
  • TIP: If you have say 118 items returned by a search, you can get them on to a single page by changing to ‘View 120 items per page’ at the top right.

Clear Selection on the menu clears all currently selected items on the page.

Toggle Selection selects any unselected items on the page, and unselects any selected items on the page.

On an item page there is a Select button below the image to select the item.

Viewing selections

As items are selected, Selections on the menu shows the total number of items selected in brackets.

Click Selections to view them.

The Selections page looks and behaves like any other thumb gallery.

Items can be unselected by clicking the tick in the box top left in each thumb.

Unless logged in, there is only one Selections menu option available, i.e. ‘Clear Selections’

Saving a selection

Being logged in is necessary to be able to save a selection.

On the selections page click Save This Selection on the menu.

Give the selection to be saved a name and – optionally – a description.

Select No or Yes for Shared. ‘No’ means that only when your details are used to login will the selection be visible. ‘Yes’ means that any other user will be able to view and use the selection.

The selection can be used to Create New Selection, or to Add To an existing saved selection, or to Overwrite an existing saved selection.

Managing selections

Being logged in is necessary to be able to manage selections.

Manage Selections on the menu displays a list of selections, if any, that you created or were created by someone else as a shared selection.

All of the saved selections visible can be opened.

Selections created by you can be deleted.

Shared selections created by someone else can only be deleted by whoever created them.

Emailing selections

Use Email Selection on the menu to email a link to the current selection. The recipients will need to login to view the selection.

Printing selections

With Print This Selection on the menu several layouts are available in both HTML and PDF format.