For System Managers

Note: You need to be logged in as a system manager for everything in this section.

Managing pick lists

Adding a new pick list value

On the Administration page in the Schema block locate and click the required pick list. A list of values already in the pick list is displayed with a button to add values. Click the button and a page opens in which a new value can be added. Click Update Pick List Value to add it.

Editing a pick list value

Clicking a pick list value in the list opens a page with the value which can then be edited. Make the required change to it and click Update Pick List Value, and all items containing the old value will be updated with the new value.

Deleting a pick list value

In the list of pick list values each has a Delete option, which when clicked deletes the value from the pick list.

Values already assigned to items cannot be deleted. To delete values assigned to items, carry out a search for the value and then use edit or batch edit to remove them from the items. After removing the value from all items it can then be deleted from the pick list.