For System Managers

Note: You need to be logged in as a system manager for everything in this section.

Adding and managing file types

Trinity supports all file types that are in its list of file types. It is delivered with many of the most common types already in the list.

If a file type that you want to upload isn’t in the list it can be added on the Administration / File Types page, selecting Audio, Document, Image or Video and clicking the Add File Type button. Add the details requested – see below - and click the Update File Type button.

  • Type Name: This is mandatory and must be the usual extension associated with this file type e.g. DOC or DOCX for a Word Document, PNG for Portable Network Graphics format and so on. Trinity will recognise files from this extension and from the alternatives listed as aliases.
  • Description: The full name normally given to files with this extension e.g. Microsoft Word Document.
  • Aliases: A list of other extensions used for this file type, separated by commas with no spaces.
  • MIME Type: It is not necessary to provide MIME information in the basic Trinity system.

All of these details can be amended by clicking on the file type.