For System Managers

Note: You need to be logged in as a system manager for everything in this section.


Creating a watermark file

Use a graphics package such as Photoshop to create your watermark image file. The file can be either a JPEG or a PNG, but if any transparency is required it must be a PNG.

Make the image as large as you might need, the actual display size and position can be adjusted to whatever is required.

Setting up a watermark in Trinity

Administration / watermarks

Click the button Add Watermark or click an existing watermark to edit it, then set -

  • Name
  • Position
  • Offset - from the chosen position
  • Size as a percentage of the original file
  • Density from 10% through to opaque

Click Choose file to select the watermark file that you created, and then click Update Watermark.

Set watermarking on or off

Watermarking of items can - and usually will be - set permanently on or off as required, but the ability to switch it on or off as and when needed means that -

  • Items can be individually watermarked, or not, as required.
  • Watermarks can be removed from all or selected items.
  • Watermarks can be changed for all or selected items

Watermarking is set on or off in the import policy as follows -

  • Administration / Import Policies.
  • Select the standard import policy.
  • For images go to the Additional Details tab, for videos go to the Video Details tab.
  • To set a watermark 'On' select a Watermark Name.
  • For no watermark set Watermark Name to blank.

Applying watermarks

To new items

Set watermarking on - see above - and new items will be watermarked when they are uploaded.

To existing items

Set watermarking on - see above.

Find and select in the normal way the items to be watermarked.

In Selections on the navigation bar, choose Regenerate Surrogates in the Batch Operation section of the navigation bar and leave Policy blank.

The regenerated surrogates will now be watermarked.

To some items only

Set watermarking on - see above

Follow applying watermarks to new or existing items as above.

Set watermarking off if it is no longer required - see above.

Remove watermarks

Set watermarking off - see above.

Follow Applying watermarks to existing items as above.

The watermarks will now be removed on the regenerated surrogates.