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Collections in Trinity are a way of grouping together digital assets that are related in some way, for example they might instead be called exhibitions or highlights or best sellers etc...

Single click searching is available on a collection and, if required, some can be displayed on the home page so that clicking one of the thumbs will return all of the images in the collection.

Hierarchical collections

Standard collections can contain only digital assets, but optionally a Trinity system can have a feature enabling a collection to be related to another collection, thus creating a collection hierarchy.

In this way each collection can

  • Hold more collections.
  • Hold digital assets – images, videos, documents etc…
  • Be related to a parent collection.

Any number of top level collections can be created, and within them as many sub levels as required.

Here are some illustrative collections, some holding just more collections; or holding only digital asset items; or holding both collections and digital asset items.

Hierarchial Collections

Creating a new collection

This creates the collection container or folder to which assets can be added.

On the upload page select Create New Collection for Digital Files. Using drag and drop or Select files add the file – usually an image or icon – that will represent the collection. This could be one of the items that will be included in the collection.

Upload in the normal way.

Adding items to collections

Any item can be added to one or more collections.

Edit the item, and use the Collection ‘Select’ button to select the collection or collections that the item will be added to.

Removing items from collections

Edit the item, and use the Collection ‘Select’ button to remove collection or collections assignments as required.